VPN Test: How to see if your VPN is working

It’s a basic human nature that when one gets something new, they are bound to try it out as soon as possible. So after you download the VPN you need, it is likely that you are going to take it for a spin and see if everything is working smoothly or not. 

It is of utmost importance to check whether it’s working or not as you will be vulnerable and susceptible to threats lurking online if your VPN can’t secure and encrypt your internet. So here’s how you test whether your VPN is working or not-   

1. The easiest way to check whether your VPN is working or not is to go to this website https://vpntesting.com/ and run the test. 

2. Another way to do it is to find your IP address online, then connect to a VPN and compare the two IP addresses. If both of them are different, then voila the job is done and your connection is secured.

3. Try switching to different servers or different locations to see and realize whether the internet bandwidth changes or not, if it does, then boom your VPN is working!  

To try it out yourself, download the VPN from this link below and do the test-

Download for free-  


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