How to use a VPN app: a detailed guide

With many resources focused on what are the uses of a VPN or why you should use a VPN, it is instrumental for the users to have a detailed guide on how to use a VPN app. 

So, here is a detailed and pictorial guide on how to use a VPN- 

1. First things first- you need to go to your app store and select the VPN you want to download. It would look like this- 

2. Download the VPN and then open the app- 

3. Tap on the location bar where you have a list of many servers from different countries all around the globe- 

4. Select the server/country of your choice, here it’s US (East) and then press on connect.

5. Voila- at the touch of a button, you are connected to the server of your choice and can enjoy browsing the internet freely and anonymously! 

6. Now minimize the app, and enjoy browsing or downloading! 

Download the app by clicking here-

If you want a premium connection, download this-

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