How to access Free Fire from India with a VPN in 2022

Free Fire India with VPN

After the raging success of the global smash hit PUBG, came its successor with the aim of targeting players who don’t have a high-end device to play games. Back in those days, to play on your phone you needed high-end specs but Free Fire solved that problem by allowing more and more gamers around the world to try out the game irrespective of their smartphones. 

Free Fire launched in 2017 initially and became an instant hit, especially for the players who couldn’t play PUBG on their phones. With time, it had a massive fan following on its own, and in 2019, in just two years of its release, it became the most downloaded mobile game globally beating all its competitors. 

And then in August 2021, Free Fire set a record of having 150 million daily active users globally, setting a new benchmark of the gaming industry. Free Fire got its mainstream popularity after PUBG got banned in India. 

But now, unfortunately, with the plight of millions of Indian gamers, Free Fire is also banned in India. However, there is a silver lining to this as there is a tried and tested way to access and play Free Fire in India. 

With the help of a good VPN that masks your IP address and gives you an extra layer of encryption to browse the internet freely, you can play Free Fire free of cost. 

Here’s you play Free Fire with your friends with no interruption at all- 

1. Download a VPN of your choice from  the app store

2. Open the app and connect to any server of a different country

3. After connecting, minimize the app

4. Download/Install Free Fire on your device

5. Log in to your account and play! 

After securing a connection with a VPN, one can easily play Free Fire irrespective of their geographical location, so download a VPN free of cost from here-

If you want a premium or a no-ads VPN, download here-

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